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Monday, February 24, 2003

Below is a post from earlier this week. Today I am leaving for a (hopefully) warmer climate, for a wedding of a dear friend. Everyone's getting married these days. And, these days, the idea seems rather appealing to me. Strange. Anyway, here are my thoughts from Monday. I don't plan to imbibe too much this weekend (yeah right) and don't want this blog to turn into tales of partying and regret. Just partying.


That's it. I am DONE with drinking. Finished. This weekend, my guest and I imbibed quite a bit. Wine. Also we watched bad Lifetime movies and ate ice cream. We basically stayed in until we, with a good buzz on, decided to "go out and get crazy." Oh, Jesus. You see, I am not your average bear when it comes to drinking. For the most part, I cannot handle my liquor, so sometimes I go overboard and don't decide to stop until it's simply too late. This night, I must have had a bottle of wine to myself and then an additional glass. This is unheard of for me. Unheard of! I'm usually the two pints of Guinness and I'm out girl. Not this time. I got tanked. And it was not pretty. I made a total ass of myself at the bar and was admonished by a group of prissy sober girls, one of whom yelled at me for knocking over her drink and demanded that I buy her another one. This is a very fuzzy recollection. All of it is extremely fuzzy. I could barely see faces in front of me. And my friend and I were hit on by some sleazy guys and it was all just so gross. And the boyfriend was out of town, so that made it all worse, that I behaved so badly while he was out of town. I shared all with him when he came home, of course.

I continue my self-flagellation. I am mortified. The next morning I woke up early and with a start. One of those, "OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!" hungover moments. Or, as Janeane (or is it Margaret?) would say, "What kind of fucked-up, Motley Crue, Behind the Music Bullshit is this?!?" Then a strange thing happened: about two hours later I got re-drunk. The alcohol came back. Only this time, meaner. I prayed that I be given the strength get rid of all of the evil in my system, but karma wouldn't listen.